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I'd like to provide a support forum for my mobile app.

Of course many people will be viewing this from a mobile browser and most forum software looks terrible on a mobile interface.

Is anyone aware of a forum package that with a nice mobile view?

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There's a WAP Plugin for VBulletin available.

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to find similar plugins for PHPBB, SMF or MyBB... so if you don't mind to spend some money on VBulletin, it'll probably fit your needs.

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You could take a look at Vanilla Forum;


Which is a lightweight easily customizable forum that would work well on mobile devices.

Also see if there are any add in themes or plugins that might be mobile freindly;


Hope this helps.

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Tapatalk is a great app to provide free read only access. It's an app for any phone. Forum owner needs to activate it thought.

phpBB people in the past have just used mobile themes as a solution around this issue. There have been a few attempts at mods for this, here is the most recent.


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