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A picture is worth a thousand words. Here:

watch later as... image

This might sound rather silly to ask. My question is about 'Watch later as...' part. This icon could've just said 'Watch later' but it specifically mentions the username. What this suggests me is either of these:

  1. The 'as...' part is a variable. i.e. I can watch later as some different user, a feature of youtube unknown to me. OR
  2. (Unlikely) Youtube just kept it that way to make user verify the username he/she's using. (In case he/she accidently adds it to someone else's watch later playlist(?) ).

Anyone knows what's the case? I know this is rather silly question but I see no reason developers in a company like Youtube just made it like that without a reason.

Sidenote: Am I asking this on right platform? This sounds like a UI-related question but I figured if it's a feature of youtube folks here will know the answer. Please suggest if otherwise.

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You may be signed into multiple Google accounts. Google will use your "primary" Google account (typically the one you signed into first) as the account to use for liking, disliking, commenting and adding to "Watch Later" lists.

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