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Someone shared a batch of folders and files to me. The total number and size is quite large and I want to avoid download all of them and upload back to my Google Drive.

I have tried checking multiple items and then copy them. It will make all the selected files copied to my Drive with a - copy filename suffix. But this method wouldn't apply on folders, so folder structure is not reserved and I have to repeat the steps many times.

May I know any work around, tool or technique I can use?

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If you're comfortable using Google Scripts the following from Amit works well for me. I've looped it with an array of folder names grabbed from a spreadsheet to deal with lots of content.

function start() {

var sourceFolder = "source";//name of the source folder
var targetFolder = "target";

var source = DriveApp.getFoldersByName(sourceFolder);
var target = DriveApp.createFolder(targetFolder);

if (source.hasNext()) {
copyFolder(source.next(), target);


function copyFolder(source, target) {

var folders = source.getFolders();
var files   = source.getFiles();

while(files.hasNext()) {
var file = files.next();
file.makeCopy(file.getName(), target);

 while(folders.hasNext()) {
var subFolder = folders.next();
var folderName = subFolder.getName();
var targetFolder = target.createFolder(folderName);
copyFolder(subFolder, targetFolder);

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In Google Drive, click 'Shared with Me', right click the folder, and click 'Add to My Drive'. This will make the folder and all sub-folders and files appear in your main Drive.

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However the folders and files will be lost if my friend delete them later? I need to keep a copy myself. – Mark Nov 9 '15 at 5:54
Then you should click 'Make a Copy' instead of 'Add to My Drive' in the right-click menu. Keep in mind, though, that the file copy that will now be in your My Drive folder will no longer be sync with other users's versions. – Michelfrancis Bustillos Nov 9 '15 at 12:45

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