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The below are all Microsoft accounts on custom domains - not @outlook.com or the like.

  • me@domainA
  • me@domainB
  • me@domainC

me@domainA is the Microsoft account I've had for some time; it has attached to it plenty of OneDrive space, my Office subscription, music and app purchases etc. I don't want to lose it. The email was at Gmail with that address, but I've set up a new custom domain and corresponding email address to be my day-to-day, hosted by outlook.com. That is me@domainB. I've been updating my various internet accounts to contact me at me@domainB rather than me@domainA.

I also have me@domainC, also an outlook.com hosted email, but currently with nothing in it and nothing tied to it. But I plan to use it as an email for a website.

I've wanted to centralize emails in one account, and the aliasing feature sounds like the way to do it. I am supposing that since me@domainA has all the goodies, aside from my primary email, it should be my primary. Yet when I try to add the latter two addresses as aliases (Add an existing email address as a Microsoft account alias) I get a message:

You can't add an alias with the domain domainB. Try an email address that has a different domain.

When I try aliasing the first and third accounts on my me@domainB account (the one with my email in it), I get the following:

This email address is already taken. Please try another.

Is this happening because there are already email accounts at these addresses? Would I need to, say, delete the me@domainB and me@domainC accounts so they can be added as aliases for me@domainA, or some other way?

It's not an issue for me@domainC because it's not in use yet, but me@domainB has my email and is my inbox.

Any suggestions for how to achieve this, if it can be done at all?

If it matters, Gmail is still active for me@domainA and is auto-forwarding to me@domainB.

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