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I've been forwarding my T-Mobile voice mails to email for years now. I don't even remember any more what I did to set it up! Then I dropped my phone, and temporarily got a really old Android phone. Ever since, I am not getting my voice mail messages.

So I tried to get my messages by making a phone call to Google Voice. Should work, right? It sort of did, except it said in a very polite voice: "You have 800 messages!"

What do I do? How can I get to my recent messages without going through 800 old ones? And why is Google Voice not getting them? (Forgot to say that my voice.google.com is not getting new messages either.)

I suppose I can stop forwarding and then restart it, and it would take care of my future messages, but what about the ones I've already got?

An interesting thing is, Google Voice does promptly notify me when I call myself (i.e. my Google Voice number, which leads to my mailbox), but not when others call the same number!

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