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Is there any way to permanently change the default YouTube account we're logged into right after loggin in to our master Google account? I have both a G+ and the "old" (non-Google) YouTube account linked to my Google account and every time I start a computer, I have to manually switch from the G+ one to the other one. Is there any option to choose which one I want and stick to it permanently?

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They're desperately clinging to the idea that people actually use Google+ and are refusing to give it up. Disable all the ad and information sharing from your Google+ account so they don't make money off your frustration.

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I don't think so. Google wants everyone to use one (G+) account on their products, so they make you use your primary google account after relogin.

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I get my old account as first selection, so this probably not true. – toscho Mar 26 '14 at 2:15

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