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I am using X2JS for converting an XML file into a JSON object. Some XML tags contain HTML tags inside it.

<xmltag>I am the data <strong>available</strong> for sale now</xmltag>

Now I don’t want the HTML tag strong to get converted into a JSON object. When I use the variable JsonObj.xmltag it should return I am the data <strong>available</strong> for sale now.

I need to stop converting the HTML tags into JSON objects and allow only non-HTML tags to convert.

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The source file is bad. Data inside XML tags should be wrapped in CDATA.

<xmltag><![CDATA[I am the data <strong>available</strong> for sale now]]></xmltag>

X2JS doesn't support blacklisting certain tags. So you would have to either find an alternative, or change the source xml to appropiate XML standard.

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