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I've got about 20-30 filters set up in my work Gmail account doing a range of things, from filtering newsletters that won’t let me unsubscribe into the bin, to marking messages that come through a web form and putting them in a separate folder etc.

One of the filters is acting odd because when I reply to some emails, instead of the response ending up in the sent for some reason it’s getting moved into my inbox—so that my sent message now sits in my inbox.

Because I’ve got quite a few filters, I’m not sure which one is doing this—is there a way to see which filters have been applied to an email in Gmail?

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Don't know if you can do it now, but for the future, maybe add a label with a name to all filters, and you'll see the label on the email so you'll know from which filter the problem comes... – Elye M. Apr 8 '14 at 13:28

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