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I have been happily using Delicious with Firefox for years but in the last time the plugin where I just hit CTRL+D to get a native window to add a bookmark and CTRL+B to browse my bookmarks doesn't work anymore. I tried the Delicious service but it is much worse then the plugin (slow, no hotkeys, strange messages I don't care about like "this bookmark has already been saved by User X).

Now I won't ask why their innovation is going backwards as this is not the right place here and I guess it has to do with anything but user satisfaction (more like increase revenue by increasing time-on-site, exposure to advertisment and the like).

I would however just be happy to use my dead simple but fast and efficient plugin the way it used to. However when I look for a new version there are many different Delicious plugins. Can I somehow use any of them or is there some kind of fix to get the old one back to work?

P.S.: I noticed that on my Windows 8.1 machine the plugin still works. At my laptop with arch linux however I don't even find the right plugin with the addon search. Does this have something to do with the architecture or is the addon just not available anymore and I should copy it somehow from one machine to the other?

P.P.S.: The plugin is called "Delicious Bookmarks 2.3.4". It is not on the Firefox Addon list anymore but I located the xpi file. It still doesn't work on my Linux machine (CTRL+B does, CTRL+D gives me a HTML window that doesn't do what I want and says "... shutdown in April").

Specs of my Linux machine:

Firefox 28.0
3.14.1-1-ARCH #1 SMP PREEMPT
GNOME Shell 3.12.1
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