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Which sites do you use to design custom made tee shirts ?

I am looking for a service similar to Custom Ink which allows

  • Addition of Text (in a font of my choosing)
  • Addition of Graphics (that I can upload as well as custom images)
  • Decent File Upload Limits (high quality images/graphics)

Optional : Uploading a copy of the psd/source file.

Please include any pros and cons surrounding the usage of the service (not the tshirts)

If a service has both free and premium versions, include them in the same question but with different headings.

The following template can be used

CustomTShirt Site


Brief Description can be placed here. Try not to phrase as a sales pitch


  • Pros
  • Cons


  • Pros
  • Cons
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Since shirts cannot be downloaded, you should state your country. It obviously does not make sense to suggest a company in Europe if you are based in Asia. –  Hendrik Brummermann Aug 21 '10 at 17:15

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Check out Zazzle. They are one of the leaders in this space.

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Create, buy and sell your own apparel with designs, photos or text.


  • You can open a shop and sell your t-shirts or designs for free
  • Ad supported


  • Earn money from people selling items with your designs
  • Newsletters to your customers
  • Create promotions
  • more...
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