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My startup uses a Google spreadsheet for its client database (linked to a Google form, so that clients can fill their own data in if needs be). We also use Asana for our tasks and would like client entries (Asana Sections) to be linked to certain tasks for easy-access to contact information.

We found a solution to import our whole spreadsheet into Asana in a few minutes using Zapier but it wasn't very useful for anything other than the initial import.

Take a look at the zap we created for this, here on Zapier

This worked amazingly effectively for the initial run. (We updated rows in the spreadsheet by making token changes, i.e. dragging down a list of hyphen symbols, 50 or so at a time, giving a few seconds between each block of changes so as not to overburden the system.)

But now if we were to update client info, a new Asana section would appear instead of the existent one updating. Can anyone think of some solutions?

I am interested in learning JavaScript programming language. Would knowledge of this allow me to use API's to figure something out I could share here? I would appreciate any tips on how to start this little project out.

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