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One of the problems I find with Web Applications (applications in general I suppose) is that it's not always clear what applications are available.

Is there a list of suitable web alternatives to client applications?

I would imagine it would look like a mind map that starts with an application and shows the web alternatives and might even show feature by feature comparisons. Does this exist?

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This is where I usually defer to Wikipedia, playing around with the categories and lists will essentially give you what you are looking for.

For example: Here is a comparison of office suites, if you sort by OS you can see the ones that are fully online.


In general, you would be looking for Cloud Applications though. And although these lists are nowhere near complete, they are atleast a start.



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+1 for The daily cup of tech because it's the type of list I'm looking for. I would have preferred it on a wiki for collaboration though. –  Bernhard Hofmann Jul 2 '10 at 7:35

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