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I'm using a Fluid theme with no default option for tags. I found the HTML to add tags to my theme, but it looks AWFUL. They're dark blue and underlined, you can barely read them. They're also about half an inch under (away from) the end of the post they're tags of, sitting just on top of the post underneath. It almost looks like they might be overlapped by the post below them.

Is there a way to have tags in your theme, but NOT on the main page - JUST show them say when you click on the link to the actual post itself? So, the tags don't show on say [tumblrurl].tumblr.com but DO show on [tumblrurl].tumblr.com/[posturl] ? this way it wouldn't matter that they were so far under the post. I don't like the look of them sat between the posts on my main page. I've seen themes that do this (people I follow have tags only show on the post url but not on their main blog view), but I can't find anywhere that gives the HTML I'd need to copy and paste in somewhere.

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