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alt text

You can add locations related to a post on Blogger.com: A widget lets you search Google maps for a geographic place to associate with your post. I just did it a few minutes ago.

However, the option to add a location is not always there, even on posts that have a location associated with them.

Why is the location option missing when drafting a Blogger post, and how do I ensure it's there?

I have tried:

The blog I am trying to add locations to.

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The option is still in Blogger-in-Draft (blue-logo blogger in the picture you've quoted), it hasn't been released to production Blogger as yet.

Tools that are in BID sometimes get withdrawn and then re-instated, as part of the process of pre-production testing. That's just one of the disadvantages of using BID.

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Yes, the location option reappeared after a while. – Leftium Aug 28 '10 at 12:21

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