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I am currently looking for a new place in my city. To this end, I would like to search my Facebook newsfeed, to see if any of my friends are mentioning something about an apartment or studio in their building, or if they are searching for a new flatmate.

Since I am living in The Netherlands, Graph Search for Facebook is not yet active. So now I would love to find a way to crawl my newsfeed or my friends' walls to see if they have posted something containing the string house, apartment, and the like.

Any ideas on how to use the API or other hacks/tools to accomplish this?

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I was also looking for a way of crawling newsfeed. In Facebook Graph API /user/home, it is possible to do it.


But the number of data limit is around 2800. For me, it was around 5 days of data.

So, if your friends posted about it a few months ago, it would be difficult to search for it.

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