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The Yammer UI is frustrating. The purpose of notifications is to quickly draw your attention to new information. It is to allow you to spend LESS time in that app. Unfortunately, most new items are of no interest and you can tell that by a quick glance at the summary.

  • Why then do you have to click on every single new message to get it out of the notification?
    Every other application understands this.
  • Why am I posting this here?
    Because I tried to post this suggestion to Yammer and the three different links that say "post a suggestion" or the like lead to a page for signing you up to participate in surveys.
  • Why have a UX team if they can't put themselves in the shoes of real users?
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I'd persist with them a bit (surely they have an "info" email address buried somewhere on their site). I don't think anyone can answer this besides the company. –  jonsca Jun 6 at 23:25
Their support seems to lead to an Office 365 site, but they have a very active Twitter account, that might be the best way. –  jonsca Jun 6 at 23:27

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Let me play devil's advocate... I'd suggest that if the message isn't worth clicking on, it shouldn't be in your inbox in the first place. I'd suggest changing your notifications down in your user profile to only get notified of what you want. Additionally, feel free to click "Stop following to inbox" if you don't care about the rest of the thread. If someone @ mentions you again,

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