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The question is the same of the title, and of course if the answers is yes I'd like to know how.

It is interesting for a number of reason, for example to know exactly in what period of the year a place looks like it is on street view, or how old is that image.

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The copyright is 2010 (as of this writing), but I know that the photo of my house (used as an example) was taken at least two years ago. – ChrisF Aug 26 '10 at 11:07
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Google now allows you to view the date stamp on photos as part of it's historical image feature.

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You could, in theory, use the sun's position in the sky, and relate to its geographic orientation.


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10k.aneventapart.com/Uploads/96 – Incognito Oct 4 '10 at 18:28

The answer is indeed Yes, it is possible to see this info, but only if you work for Google and most likely in the Google Maps department.

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That would be helpful for many, but unfortunately Google Maps doesn't provide date and time to users .

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