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My company's directory search is in the upper right hand portion of our home page. I'd like to be able to create a gadget that would simply show that section of the company site without writing code to build a gadget. (Don't abuse me, this is WebApps, not SO; it's okay to be programming useless here.)

It would let me search the site from my iGoogle page, rather than loading the home page first.

I thought there would be a gadget that did this, by letting you designate a URL in the settings, and then either somehow letting you "snag" a region, or perhaps enter the pixel locations to define the box, but can't find anything.

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There is not going to be an easy way to do this without it being a programming activity to accomplish it. The "most clean" way that I have found to do this is to actually create a gadget that resembles the form and does the post to the proper location.

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