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I used to be able to download a shared file from the Dropbox to whichever computer I was working on, make changes, save the file to my computer, and then upload the file with the old file name. Dropbox would overwrite the file as the same filename. (This is what I WANT to happen.) Now whenever I attempt to do this, Dropbox creates a new name for the file. i then have to go into the Dropbox, delete the old version and rename the new one. When did this change? Why?

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How are the file names changing? Is it something like filename.txt -> filename(1).txt or something different? –  Cfinley Jun 9 at 20:00
Can you give some examples and also say what operating systems. I'm assuming you are using the web interface? Or is this happening with the sync client? –  Julian Knight Jun 9 at 20:46
this had some silly tagging.. but I am not sure why it merits 3 close votes as dropbox is generally desktop software. But, you are asking about the web interface it seems, so somebody might argue it should be on webapps.stackexchange –  barlop Jun 9 at 22:51
Can you clarify your question with an example, it can be a made up one, just that it's unclear as to what you are saying. –  jonsca Jun 11 at 3:12

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This seems to have been a temporary issue that has since been resolved: https://forums.dropbox.com/topic.php?id=116848

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