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Is there a way to clear the list of recently watched movies on Netflix?

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There is no way to do this currently.

I was trying to find an official statement about it, which I'm pretty sure exists since I remember reading about it a while ago, but it seems that the Netflix help has changed and it's hard to find what you are looking for.

A simple search reveals a bunch of threads asking for this same feature.

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You can clear the view history from netflix now. This article worked for me.

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While that link may have the answer, linkrot happens. When that link no longer functions there is no useful information in your post. Please at least summarize the information to be found there (and do link back to the source). –  Al E. Nov 25 '13 at 1:48

You can remove a film by running it to the end, by dubbing it when it finishes, wait to see “rate me” and the picture of the film and then press the backspace key—this should delete it.

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