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I use Pocket to read articles I've saved from my browser or smartphone. I'd like to be able to star ("favorite") articles in Pocket and automatically generate a PDF of that article and save it to my Dropbox folder.

I am already able to do this using existing IFTTT recipes like this one. However, the default web view of these articles is not very readable and contains a lot of visual clutter. I'd like run articles through Readability to clean them up.

I have successfully generated clean, readable PDFs by manually visiting a URL, running Readability in my browser, then saving the result to PDF. How can I automate this process?

I am open to using a reasonably-priced paid service such as Wappwolf to make this work, though the IFTTT Wappwolf recipe I tried lacked the Readability component. I'm also open to using command line tools or hosting a script on my site, though I would not know where to begin with that approach.


Maybe it would help to make use of the Readability API? There's also a github repo and a Python script. It seems to me that if I can create Readability PDFs manually as above, I should be able to script or automate the process, no?

Other starting points:

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Does Readability have a REST API? The IFTTT recipe is just running a call to ConvertAPI's REST, so I don't know if you could pass the resultant Readability url to the CUrl parameter for ConvertAPI. – jonsca Jun 20 '14 at 3:03
In lieu of that, the ConvertAPI has documentation here and there are a couple of parameters you could try like removing the background of the site. – jonsca Jun 20 '14 at 3:06

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