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I noticed that when I post source code in a Blogger post, the code wraps to the next line if it's too long. I use the pre tag to post the code and I used different styles (overflow: auto; white-space: pre), still the code wraps in all browsers except in FireFox.

Is there a way to post source code without having the code wraps?

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Set the word-wrap property to normal.

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Thanks a lot, worked like a charm! – Jan Sep 6 '10 at 0:37

Checkout Syntax Highlighter if you already haven't. You can easily integrate it with blogger.

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+1: Finally, a syntax highlighter that doesn't copy over the line numbers! Many thanks, sir! – Jay Sep 13 '10 at 3:00

Use Code Prettify.

I' have written some notes on how to.

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Click on New Post Then Compose Mode write your code there. enter image description here

just write/paste code there.

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I've been using PreCode and SyntaxHighlighter for a while and it seems to work best for me. My blog readers also enjoy copy/pasting functionality built-in.

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