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Google launched Aardvark service a while ago (that I never heard of until now). It seems like a pretty interesting concept. Does anyone have any experience with it? Their FAQ isn't too informative.

As I understand you ask a question and it is sent to someone who Google thinks is an expert in this field? Is it sent to many people or to one? Is there any further discussion? Will I be receiving any questions?

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It can get a little spammy at some times though, but you can tune it down if you don't want it –  Ivo Flipse Sep 8 '10 at 7:50

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Google bought Aardvark last February and added it to Google Labs. It's a question-and-answer service along the lines of Yahoo! Answers and Otvety, but it works primarily via IM and email (though you can use it through the website as well).

Once you sign up, you add "topics" to your profile. Topics are subjects you know about, e.g. Google, cooking, spaghetti, Linux, and so forth. Aardvark uses them as part of its formula to determine whether it should send you a particular question.

Aardvark also looks at how you're connected to the asker; the more directly you know the asker, via Facebook/Twitter/etc. connections, the more likely it will be that Aardvark will send you that person's questions, even if the topic isn't listed in your profile.

When you ask a question, Aardvark uses its algorithms to find people most likely to be able to answer satisfactorily. You can converse with answerers and request additional answers if you're unsatisfied.

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You sign up, create a profile, list your interests and probably add the Aardvark bot to your IM. When you have a question you ask the bot and it will forward it to users that might be able to answer. As far as I know it's a one by one thing. If user A can't provide an answer it's sent to user B and so on. If you don't like the answer you can ask again. You can also start a conversation with the user that answered through the Aardvark bot. To do this, type "[Username]: Question" ("Paul: Have you been there before?"). The settings let you chose when, how often and whose questions you get.

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