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In a Google Docs document, I would like to be able to specify the page margins (File → Page Setup) in millimeters instead of inches.

Is it possible to switch between imperial and metric units?

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Go to Settings → Document Settings on the top right of the page and change the language to English (UK).

Rulers and margins will now both be in centimetres (cm).

You may need to log out and sign back in before you see the changes take effect.

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Changing language works but one should know that only new documents are affected. – user17159 Feb 7 '12 at 9:10
I guess the setting is now located under "File" > "Language", or am I wrong? – grunwald2.0 Feb 2 '15 at 14:14
Google should really decouple the preferences system. I live in Denmark so I measure my using the metric system and use DKK as currency, but I still want my interface to be in US English. – Jan Aagaard Feb 24 '15 at 10:01
@grunwald2.0: In the new Google Docs, the account language affects the measuring system (located at myaccount.google.com/language). The document language can be set differently in "File → Language". – tanius Apr 7 '15 at 13:38
!!! this means that this answer is no longer correct! :( !!! – törzsmókus Jul 8 at 13:33

This is not possible in the current version of Google Docs with "English (US)" regional settings. Until they change this you can convert millimeters to inches using this Google query:

<n>mm in inches

Or you could follow the tips in Dominiks answer, and change your language settings to "English (UK)".

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Due to recent changes, the measuring system in Google Docs is now affected by your Google Account default language, not any more by the document language as indicated in @Dominik's answer.


  1. Go to myaccount.google.com/language. You can also reach it via the gear icon on the Google Drive or Google Docs main pages.

  2. Set the language to "English – United Kingdom". (If it's currently "English – United States", click the pen icon, then again "English", then "United Kingdom". Bit counterintuitive.)

  3. Reload your Google Docs document.

Voila: rulers and the "File → Page Setup… → Margins" settings are in centimeters now.

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technically, this solves the problem of the OP, but it creates more. it is sad that Google took away the per-document setting. – törzsmókus Jul 8 at 14:13

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