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I've created a new blank diagram with A3 format, but after starting to draw my A3 sheet is increased N times to the left and right (see the scrollbars!). How can i return back to the A3 sheet?

enter image description here

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When something similar happened to me I discovered that somehow some very long random lines spanning numerous pages had appeared.

One workaround I used for my problem was to select everything I wanted, copy it and paste it into a fresh document.

A second solution that worked for me was to scroll to the distant edge and then drag to select the rogue lines so that I could delete them.

The third solution I attempted was to go into Options:Advanced:Edit and search for items with a ridiculously large geometry. My rogue items had an mxPoint set as x="703100" I deleted the three rogue mxcell details and all was fine.

Needless to say, I cannot guarantee your problem is the same one that I had.

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Solved with last solution! I had two mxcell with huge value. 10x ;-) – Vincenzo Petronio Jul 26 '14 at 11:14

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