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How can sync I my Twitter and Stack Exchange accounts together so that the questions and answers that I post to all of Stack Exchange sites are auto tweeted to my Twitter?

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Yes, you can use IFTTT and create a recipe that goes from a "Feed" to Twitter.

Create a recipe:

enter image description here

Select the feed option:

enter image description here

Select the "new item in feed" option:

enter image description here

You can find your RSS feed for Stack Overflow by going to your profile page and scrolling down to the lower right corner.

It looks like you have to do this for each site, as I can't find a feed for all of one's Stack Exchange posts.

enter image description here

Connect it to the Twitter endpoint, etc. For the Twitter parameters, you'll want:

My latest Stack Overflow post {{EntryUrl}} {{EntryContent}}

in the tweet, as the {{Entry Title}} only says "Answer on blah blah" I don't know how it handles the {{EntryContent}} and whether it is truncated if too long.

This will only tweet new items on your feed, it won't tweet any old posts. In addition, a caveat: it also posts comments that you make.

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The {{EntryContent}} by IFTTT should be StackExchange's {{EntrySummary}} where the actual contents are presented in StackExchange feed source. The {{EntrySummary}} in IFTTT is missing. – PrashanthKrish Jul 27 '14 at 3:50
True. I guess this format does the job. {{EntryUrl}} {{EntryContent}} or {{FeedUrl}} {{EntryContent}}. {{EntryContent}} is the hero here. – PrashanthKrish Jul 27 '14 at 4:14

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