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I find my Summary section of my profile to be a bit bland, and I would like to delete it altogether until I write up something nicer.

Most other sections will automatically delete themselves when there is no content in them, but this doesn't work for the Summary section.

Is there any way to delete the Summary section altogether? Why would LinkedIn require you to have this section and not others?

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I did not found any option to delete the summary. Anyhow, you can hide the summary section from getting displayed to the public through configuration.

Step 1

Just navigate to the Edit Profile option in the dashboard of your LinkedIn and Click it.

When the page is shown, hover over to the down arrow next to the Edit Profile button.

Manage public profile settings

Step 2

Now when you navigate to the manage public profile settings and click.

The options cited on the right hand side of the resulting page will help to changes the settings.

enter image description here

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