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The first difference I mention is the free storage they give away to user:

  1. dropbox.com 2Gb - 10Gb (after doing the referencing)
  2. box.net only 1Gb

What else do you know?

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Desktop folder sync

  • Not everyone can sync a (windows) folder with Box.net (yet):

"We are currently rolling out Sync in waves to our Business and Enterprise customers"

  • Dropbox sync tool works fine with windows folders
    2 Notes:

    • doesn't work through our corporate firewall.
    • The installation of the Dropbox sync tool doesn't ask for a location: the application gets installed inside your user profile somewhere. Which is too small for our corporate profile.

    But @ home it works just fine!

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you can change the dropbox location after install. Though, I remember I can select the location while installation. – Nam G VU Sep 13 '10 at 15:24
You can indeed change the location of the folder you want to sync, but AFAIK you cannot change the location of the service/application file: "dropboxsync.exe" or something. And that file is too big to store in my user profile which is limited by company policy. – jan Sep 14 '10 at 8:41

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