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Is it possible to convert text from a certain cell to RFC 3986 ( in a Google Spreadsheet?
Lets say C4 has the value John Doe, then D4 must be John%20Doe.

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Yes, you can create a custom function for that.

Click Tools → Script Editor. Select Create blank project.

In the script editor window, paste the following code:

function encode(value) {
  return encodeURIComponent(value);

Save the script (give it a name if prompted), and return to your spreadsheet.

Now, you may use the function as =encode. If your C4 cell contains the text John Doe, enter the following in your D4 cell: =encode(C4).

D4 should now display John%20Doe.

I have created an example spreadsheet to demonstrate.

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Awesome! This is it! Thank you so much!!! – linda Sep 3 '14 at 20:58

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