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My priority mail has 3 kinds of yellow arrows.

1. >>
2. >
3. blank with a yellow marker.

Does anyone know what does that mean? Can I increase/reduce the arrow count? Thanks.

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  1. >> ------ Messages sent only to you
  2. > -------- Messages sent to your address (not a mailing list)
  3. blank---- Messages sent to a mailing list inclusive of your address

The addition of the yellow arrow is the new important and unread feature. So for example the third will be for important messages by mailing lists. Whereas just a yellow border represents an important read message.

  • You can of course change which is important via filters.
  • Also you can remove the yellow arrows.
  • To remove the >> and > go to your settings and turn off personal level indicators.

As far as I am aware these are the only ways to modify the arrows. It is not possible to change the number of arrows.

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