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Does Mint (or any other financial web app) allow me to disable automatic categorizing of my expenses? I want to find a webapp where I can set up budgets, and then every time I log in, I want to see exactly what has happened since my last login so I can manually categorize those expenses.

I tried out several financial web apps a couple years ago and couldn't find this functionality, so I stopped using them. I really don't like the idea that a transaction could automatically get tagged to the wrong place and I wouldn't notice that it happened.

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You can use Mint.com and set everything to automatically categorize to a "Uncategorized" and then you can set everything one-off on your own.

You can't set a blanket categorize all option so you'll need to run through your recent transactions and set each vendor/payee separately. You might worry about missing one when you have a new vendor/payee but if you regularly look at your oldest "Uncategorized" expense and move forward, you're unlikely to miss one as it would be in the middle of all the "Uncategorized" expenses.

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