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Is there a webapp which creates a transcription of a voice memo?

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If you reside in the US you can use Google Voice which seems pretty good for this case. The only idea I have to use it, is calling your own number and playing the file. Ok, it not really a web app if you use it like this.

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Record voice notes as usual using your favourite Evernote app on your Smartphone, PC or browser. Or for totally handsfree voice notes, we'll give you a special phone number to dial and speak your note using ANY phone.
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Jott offer such a service.

Jott has now been shutdown, however they do suggest the following similar services:

Looking for a service like Jott?

  • Dragon Dictation for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch from Nuance lets you to speak text for emails, text messages, status updates and more, and see your text appear instantly.

  • Dragon for E-Mail for BlackBerry from Nuance lets you speak text for your emails, including the contact details in the ‘To' lines, the subject and the body.

  • FlexT9 for Android from Nuance is a unique four-in-one keypad app that lets you Speak, Trace, Write or Tap your text for emails, text messages, web searches – anywhere you input text.

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