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For a long time now I've wished that I could view my twitter updates in google reader along with all the other blogs and such that I subscribe to. However despite my efforts I haven't been able to get this working.

On my twitter "Home" page there is actually an RSS link (for http://twitter.com/statuses/friends_timeline/[my twitter id].rss) but it requires a login. I have tried entering my twitter username/password but this doesn't even work. Surely I'm not the only one that is trying to do this?

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I've realized that I can subscribe to each individual twitter page that I am following. Would still be nice if I could subscribe to everything in one feed though –  averisk Sep 19 '10 at 15:35

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As I said before, you can set up a list and create a custom RSS with this app: TwitterList2RSS

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This works ok, though the service can be pretty slow and is down most of the time –  averisk Jan 5 '11 at 2:20

You can't do it at once.

You can simulate your home feed by adding all the people that you're following in one new Folder in Reader and then simply clicking on that Folder.

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This is closer, but will still list tweets that are not on my home page (eg. replies) –  averisk Sep 19 '10 at 16:35
This is just an extension of what Lipis suggests. How about going one step further and creating a bundle of the folder? –  thunderror Sep 19 '10 at 18:51

I just click on the RSS feeds for the ones I am interested in. I then group them all together. I will also sometimes group the twitter feed with the RSS feed for someone else who's blog I am following.

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