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I have a folder that I am deleting now to recover some space. The folder is synced to a Picasa Webalbums and the icon looks something like this (with a lot more pics):

alt text

  • Does synced mean that next time I run Picasa after deleting the folder, the pics would be deleted from the online storage too?

  • How can I keep the pics online but delete them from my disc?

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While the help doesn't explicitly mention this case, the 'Sync to Web' basics page has the following:

Once you've enabled the Sync to Web feature, you can sync the following changes from Picasa to Picasa Web Albums:

  • Added or deleted photos

So I would assume that if you delete a folder locally it would also get deleted on the web.

My approach would be to:

a) back up the photos to DVD (just in case)
b) flip the "Sync to Web" switch
c) delete the local copy.

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I also think this is something you'd need to handle if you eject a removable drive. So, I'm using a strategy like this for my removable drive (unsyncing before ejecting). – Dav Clark Jul 9 '12 at 1:45

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