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I have a public Google spreadsheet in Google Drive and want to display it within my blog post (people can directly see it, not only a link to the sheet).

How can I do that? Please help!

[Edit] I'm using blog from wordpress.com

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From Google Docs Help:


Once you're done creating and editing your spreadsheet, you can publish it to a webpage. >Just click the Share drop-down menu on the top right and choose Publish as a webpage. Then, click Publish now.

Then, everyone you choose can access your spreadsheet by entering the URL you send them into their browser's address bar.

Even after you publish a spreadsheet, it won't appear in any search index.


After you publish your spreadsheet, you can share it with the world by embedding it (or parts of it) in a website or blog.

Publish your spreadsheet following the steps listed above and a unique URL is generated. Use this URL to embed the spreadsheet on your website or blog. You can also insert a spreadsheet in Google Sites. Just click Edit page > Insert > Spreadsheet from within your site. You'll need to enter the URL of your spreadsheet to embed it.

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You don't say what blogging software you're using.

But if it's Blogger, as well as publishing the spreadsheet (as per the previous answer), you also need to use a Web Element to display it in the blog.

NB: I haven't done this for a while, and when I last did the Google Docs publish command didn't have a "share to blogger " option. There's a chance it's changed since (as it has for some other types of Google Docs)

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Using google.com/webelements/docs/spreadsheets/# seems to be what I need. However when I tried, my published spreadsheet cannot be showed in my wordpress.com blog. – Nam G VU Sep 23 '10 at 9:50

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