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I'm looking for a web app which will allow me to create a 3D model of a cupboard I need to design for coursework. So that rules out floorplanner. I can't install or execute an exe file on the school computers, so no sketchup, and the alternative is a web app. Are there any around?

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You could try Autodesk's Project Butterfly. That looks to be webapp based CAD tool. I'm not sure what kind of export options it will provide though. But, it's free.

Taken from: http://butterfly.autodesk.com/blog/what-is-butterfly/

Butterfly is a new and innovative technology developed by the Autodesk Israel team to bring the power of AutoCAD, the world’s leading design solution, to the Web for the first time. Project Butterfly enables users to view, edit, and share complex designs and drawings using just a Web browser.

Dubbed as ”Google Docs for AutoCAD.” Project Butterfly is considered by industry experts to be one the most complex and technically advanced web applications today.

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I took a look but it seems to be 2D only, thanks anyway. – Jonathan. Sep 24 '10 at 16:28

There is only one tool 3Dvia, it is mostly like sketchup and has a huge gallery plus you can pull and make curves with it, this is the only feature that is not found in sketchup

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