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I don't want to stretch all rows and columns to make them more readable than they are by default...

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By "stretching" do you mean increasing the width of the column based on its content? Increasing the height of a row based on its content? Something else? – Vaddadi Kartick Mar 6 at 5:25
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I found a solution, which was actually quite obvious - select all cells and then stretch. It is not exactly cell padding though...

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  • select the rows right click on the row header 'Resize row...'
  • find 'align' icon in tool bar and center the text vertically.
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It would appear that at this time (April 2014) there is no way to add horizontal cell spacing.

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You might want to try copying the entire spreadsheet and pasting it into a new file. The padding will be recovered, then you can resize the column width to fit the data.

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