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Is there a way (an app maybe) to find like-minded people on facebook ? We like stuff everyday, and it would be nice to find the people with whom one has the most shared likes, and socialize with them. Is there such an app or a way in general ?

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You can find which of your existing friends have the most Likes in common with you on the new Facebook Pages browser.

Unfortunately this doesn't help if you are looking for people that you don't already know. However you can interact with the other fans that you find on individual Pages that you Like, and can click on anyone's name on the Page to go to their profile and see how many Likes they have in common with you (if they have not hidden their Likes in their Privacy Settings).

I don't think that the Facebook API provides any way for an app to find the Facebook users with the most common Likes, unless you only Like pages with 500 or fewer fans. For each Page the API will only provide a list of at most 500 fans, of Facebook's choosing.

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I have created http://www.socialkhoj.com exactly for that. It does not have much data at the moment but soon will.

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SocialKhoj has been discontinued since sometime now. Please send me a message if you want to know more about it. – crozzfire Jun 28 '14 at 17:49

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