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When I try to make a simple graph of some points in a Google spreadsheet said points does not end up where I want them to in the graph. Using data like this I expect a straight line in my graph:

col A   col B
 1      0.5
 3      1.5
10        5

Instead the points are laid out as if the data was actually:

col A   col B
1       0.5
2       1.5
3         5

To be fair I have chacked "Use column A as labels". But if I don't check that box I get two lines, none of them a straigh line.

How do I tell Google Spreadsheets to use column A as x values and column B as y values for my graph?

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To get the desired result edit your chart and change the type to Scatter and uncheck the Use column A as labels.

alt text

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Thanks! My actual graph uses dates as the values for the x axis and the scatter type doesn't seem to work in my case. Any other ideas? – Arlaharen Sep 29 '10 at 4:46
@Arlaharen yes but your question was specific for a (x, y) representation.. Date is another case..! You can convert the date to a number and do it like that.. :) Otherwise is a label – Lipis Sep 29 '10 at 18:39

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