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I have a Google spreadsheet with measurements made at different dates. How can I make a chart with the dates spread along the x axis properly? The data looks like this

2010-09-01 80
2010-09-02 79
2010-09-10 81

I want the points that make up the data to be laid out so that the first date is at x0, second date at x0 + 1 and the third date at x0 + 9. So far I have only been able to produce graphs where the first date is at x0, the second at x0 + 1 and the third at x0 + 2.

I must be missing something here. Any tips appreciated!

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It seems that this is possible to do in a Google spreadsheet now.

If I enter the data from my question, highlight it and select insert chart from the menu, Google Spreadsheet will greate a trend graph with the points laid out correctly.

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It looks like it's still not yet possible with Google spreadsheets.

Look at the thread on google's support forum for tips and updates

Google Forums - date in a chart

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