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As you may know Bloglines is going to shut down November 1st, but I don't want to leave any of my feeds over there even though they will disappear after the shutdown. The reason is I already moved everything to Google Reader and I want to say farewell to Bloglines for good.

I know I can delete them one by one, but, is there a better way?

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If you have feeds grouped into folders, you can click on a folder name in Edit mode and Trash the selected folder. Will not get the ones under top level, but may save some work. It did for me.

Alternatively, in Edit mode, you can select one feed, hold SHIFT, and click another feed. That will select the two and all in between. Then you can trash all at once.

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Browse to http://beta.bloglines.com/b/view and you'll have a nice AJAX-y interface where you can drag and drop feeds to the trash can.

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it can be done this way also, but the other answer was more straight forward IMO – gabo Oct 1 '10 at 15:38

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