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If you have a phone with a touch interface, what webmail service (accessed through your phone's browser, not a dedicated e-mail app) works best? Here are some criteria to consider:

  • Messages and message lists legible on a 3- or 4-inch screen
  • Adequately spaced links to prevent accidentally pressing the wrong thing
  • Attachment viewing
  • Ease performing common email tasks

The accepted answer will either offer first-hand experience or provide links to first-hand experiences. Thanks in advance for your answers!

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I made this community wiki. Any "List of X" repositories should start out as a community wiki. –  phwd Oct 1 '10 at 8:00

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Agreed .. GMail is the best solution. It took them a while to figure out how to make labels work, but once they did it was excellent. I have used it on both iPhone and Android; it is exceptional on android. –  tomjedrz Oct 1 '10 at 5:59

I find that Google's Web Mail mobile http://www.google.com/mobile/mail/ like most of Google's mobile apps is very good at both displaying in a mobile (small screen) environment while keeping access to all the features of the full app.

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I tried it over the weekend. They've done a very good job. It's better than the dedicated e-mail app on my phone. Thanks, Jeff. –  trebormf Oct 4 '10 at 17:16

I really, really like Yahoo! Mail's interface on mobile browsers. It is pretty sweet, very fast. Also has a "home page" that is customizable...

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