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I need to backup a lot of files but sometimes I don't know what they are by just their file names. So I need a way to further explain what the file is. A commenting or captioning feature for each file will be very helpful, and its usefulness will be greater if the search feature of the service searches the captions/comments too.

Dropbox doesn't have this. I tried using gmail but unfortunately the file size limit for gmail is very small. Even if I break up the files into smaller pieces and upload it to gmail, very often I will get "attachement failed".

I tried creating a text file containing the description each file uploaded, with the file name of the text file the same as the file name of the the file it is descripting. But Dropbox's search only searches file names, not its contents. I like my search results to be based on the descriptions too. Any other suggestions?

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We use google sites. One of their simple templates for a website page is a filecabinet that allows you to do exactly what you ask. not sure about searching since the file list comes up on a webpage. we only keep dozens of files. Of course ^F works. And you could always break into subpages based on some criteria.

good luck!

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