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When composing a message for Twitter, I'm often unsure whether a key word would make a good hashtag or not. This prompts a series or arduous Twitter searches in another browser tab to judge appropriateness.

Is there a client that shows as you type any of the following:

  • how common the hashtags you've used are
  • some example tweets that include the hashtags you've used (for judging context)
  • what hashtags would be recommended based on what words you've used

...or provides other tools or information that would be useful for choosing hashtags?

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Seesmic Desktop 2 displays a list of list hashtags that you have:

  • used recently
  • appeared on your timeline recently
  • Your followers/following have used

alt text

The tag highlighted in red is one that I have used recently and the one highlighted in green is a tag the someone I follow or is following me has used.

I don't know of any app that suggests hashtags based on the content of your tweet. I'm not sure people would be comfortable with that either.

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