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I used Twistory until the calendar stopped receiving updates, so I am looking for the correct way to import my tweets into Google Calendar once again.

I tried Yahoo Pipes but it gives me the wrong charset in the calendar.

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if you liked the service, maybe you should try and fix the problem, rather than looking for a new application – Gabriel Solomon Oct 4 '10 at 14:39
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Use If This Then That.

Use the Twitter channel for your Trigger. Specifically the New Tweet by You trigger.

For your Action, use the Quick Add Event action from the Google Calendar channel

You'll want to format your ingredients to something like: {{CreatedAt}} Tweeted: "{{Text}}"

Here's a recipe that seems to already be doing what you want: Measure your Twitter Addiction

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Thank you. I finally do it through IFTTT. – amrok Nov 6 '14 at 8:24

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