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I know of Google Groups. I would appreciate any pros/cons for the suggested service. (Google Groups are only open for users with a Gmail account—that's a con...)


Update: Sorry for not being clear; I was referring to web service platforms (such as Google Groups), not a platform to download and install (like phpBB).

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There is always Yahoo! Groups.

It may not actually require one to have a Yahoo mail account, but in practice the act of joining tends to end up with one created for you. You are not obligated to use it for anything, however.

It is ad supported, both on the site and in email containing group content.

It is a weird hybrid of a mailing list provider with a web presence, and a traditional forum with email subscriptions. As a result, unless you pay attention to configuration and setup, it can easily end up being seen is a poor imitation of either way of working. Used right, it can work quite well.

Aside from the advertising, it is free.

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phpBB has a hosting service like WordPress.com now. It's called Forumatic. It was announced on phpbb.com last week.

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Give Vanilla Forums a try, they are the best IMHO.

Also you might consider installing BuddyPress on a WordPress blog (it's a plugin), that's a good alternative to classic forum approach.

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The only service I'm aware of is Forumer which can host phpbb3, phpbb2 and ipb boards.

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Generally, the best hosted forum software tends to be some sort of a wiki used for the purpose (think Wikipedia talk pages) or using stuff like PhpBB with a free hosting provider like 000webhost.

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Surprised no one mentioned it yet, but Proboards is probably the most common I've seen

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http://www.forumotion.com/ has a lot of customization options and other goodies like chat box, gallery, calendar, etc.

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Due to Google Groups be ridiculously spammy, jQuery has gone with Zoho Discussions. Haven't used it myself, but looks decent. It's hosted, but all of the worthwhile options, like a public forum require at least the second-smallest plan, which is $12/mo. Looks like there's a discount for open-source projects, though.

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Check http://www.vbulletin.com/ And http://www.phpbb.com/
Hope that's what you are asking about.

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he is actually looking for a service that will host his forum. –  alexanderpas Oct 3 '10 at 14:39

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