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So let's say there were about 60 million people on Twitter in November, when I opened my account. Which, if people saying New Twitter comes out in the order of account creation, 60 million people will have it before me :'-(, and let's say that New Twitter is given to another account ever 100 milliseconds. At that rate, it'll take 2 months, 8 days, 14 hours, and 40 minutes for me to get the New Twitter from the time it was announced.

How can I cheat the system to get it sooner (short of flying to Twitter HQ and blackmailing them)?

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You cannot cheat the system. If you followed along with the Twitter Support team you would notice the same answer over and over again.

Random rollover of product.

Also @ev had an #AskEv session earlier where he answered similarly.

All big services roll out incrementally. It's necessary to make sure nothing horrible happens
-@ev #AskEv session http://twitter.com/#!/ev/status/24790059721

We're rolling out slowly to make sure it works well. Thanks for your patience.
-@ev #AskEv session http://twitter.com/#!/ev/status/24788691811

It's random.
-@ev #AskEv session http://twitter.com/#!/ev/status/24788420391

Now I would think there is some sort of crowd control in the event say a celebrity of a very popular twitter user complains about something.

E.g. @seankingston on Sept 28th at 1:42 PM

I Need The New #newtwitter @twitter upgrade me man :)

Then at 2:30 PM (only 45 minutes later)

Just Got The New Twitter!!.. Its Pretty Dope :)

Of course this can just be coincidence. In any event, I think you should just sit tight and wait. Even if there was a way to "cheat" the system you would not want to do it. You would have participated in an exploit. And can be seen as someone who can cause damage to the service [E.g. the number of server racks just for Justin Bieber should explain this.] and maybe even be banned for suspicious activity (thus losing your username and your tweets).

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You forgot the detail that it's being handed out "randomly", apparently, and that they'll be done within 2 months.

How can you cheat the system? I've seen people tweet about it and get it within minutes. I don't think there's a concrete answer here besides: "ask".

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I have novelty and organization accounts much much younger than my real account and all of them have New Twitter, while my personal account does not.

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Same here, I maintain a twitter account for my user group (created about two months ago) and it already has #newtwitter, my own twitter account (created on Feb. 2007) hasn't :( I'm guessing it truly is random. –  gabo Oct 4 '10 at 16:27

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