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I have an old Gmail account that I only have hanging around for a Google Profile, so I can use things such as Google Reader. Ideally I'd like to use my Gmail a for domains email address for this sort of thing, but it won't accept my email and password on their other apps.

Is there some way I can set this up?

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There are two ways:

  1. Create a separate Google Account that happens to use the same email address as your Google Apps account.
  2. Upgrade your domain so that your Google Apps account is also a Google Account.

I would not recommend option 1, since then it becomes hard to maintain two separate accounts which look the same. Additionally, it will be much harder to transition to #2 once it is forced on your domain. Within a month or two, the 2nd option will be forced on all domains. I'd recommend speeding up this process if you need it right away.

Note that even with method #2, you cannot use all of Google's services yet. Here's a list of some of the products that you cannot use:

  • Android Developer
  • Buzz
  • Extra Storage
  • Health
  • Powermeter
  • Profiles
  • Web History
  • YouTube
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Google Apps accounts that have been upgraded to full Google Accounts can't have Google Profiles, among other services (like Google Health, YouTube, and others.) That leaves only option #1, but only until all Google Apps accounts are forced to upgrade. So, long term, the answer is no, you can't have a Google Profile with a Google Apps account. – Guillermo Esteves Oct 5 '10 at 21:21
(I wasn't sure if I should have posted that as an answer, so instead I'm commenting in case you want to edit yours.) – Guillermo Esteves Oct 5 '10 at 21:21

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