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I'm looking for a web site that will allow me to convert this site to epub format:


The page is basically a table of contents. Ideally, the app would follow the links in the TOC one (or two?) levels deep and create a book from it.

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Instapaper has the facility to convert web pages to ePub format.

If you're happy with scripting, and you you can get a list of links from the page, you could use the Instapaper API to send these to your instapaper account.

You should then be able to download your "unread" links to an ePub file.

If you're not happy with scripting and the API, download the "read later" instapaper bookmarklet, open each webpage in a tab and click "read now" to send the pages to instapaper. I managed to send 10 pages to instapaper in under a minute, so as a manual process, it's a relatively quick thing to do.

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thanks, this is a really good idea! Also, pretty cool they have an API... – Daren Thomas Oct 6 '10 at 12:22
:( its a bit hard to get the ordering of the chapters right, huh? I can't figure the sort order out - might be by URL. Ah well, lets see if something else comes up... – Daren Thomas Oct 6 '10 at 12:37

You need 2 applications to get it done this way (and a bit of work), but here goes anyway.

  1. Create a local copy of the website (using HTTrack or similar).
  2. Create a list of links in the order you want them to be created (complete instructions here).
  3. Use calibre to create the eBook in ePub format.
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The link to "complete instructions" is dead. I found some instructions that got me started with calibre here: amalthia.mediawood.net/tutorials/ebooks/steps.html – bli Sep 21 '15 at 15:34
Thanks for the link, bli. The faq was moved - I have updated the link. – Raithlin Oct 8 '15 at 13:25

If you're using Firefox, install GrabMyBooks add-on. Easy and very intuitive to use. You'll have to add page-by-page to your ebook.

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