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We are using Google translate when we are translating words/sentences into another language.

But what if I want to lookup what a word means in my own language or in English.

Is there a Google dictionary for such things?

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If you go to Google Dictionary, there is a dropdown that lets you pick a language pair (source & target languages can be different) or the dictionary for a specific language (available only for a few languages) & then looks up the meaning of a submitted word.

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There is an online Wiktionary in your language. When I choose the "Deutsch" Wiktionary, and type in a word -- it doesn't matter if that is an English word, a Spanish word, a German word, etc. -- it gives me the definition(s) of the word I typed in German.

Wiktionary also allows you add the (by now, relatively few) words that haven't yet been added to the dictionary.

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From Google Search:

define: word

ex: http://google.com/?q=define:+thesaurus

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How do I define a swedish word? – ajsie Oct 7 '10 at 2:42
@jon3laze: lmgtfy.com links are expressly forbidden on Stack Exchange. – Al E. Oct 22 '11 at 1:17

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